Rib Shack BBQ’s Original BBQ Sauce Recipes: Tangy, Sweet, Heat, Bama 2017-12-26T14:36:09+00:00

Brighten up any meal

with one of Chef Essi’s BBQ sauces!  

Our Signature “Sweet & Tangy” Southern Fusion BBQ sauce is unlike anything else out there.  Bring some home to see for yourself!

Some like it HOT and our Florida Sweet Heat delivers!  A unique blend of seasonings and spices to add a little kick to any dish.

Sweet Carolina includes a secret ingredient to put a contemporary twist on the classic Carolina-style vinegar ‘n’ mustard BBQ sauce.  Takes any smoked or grilled meat up a notch!

‘Bama – Our white BBQ sauce is great for marinating, basting and just plain ol’ on the table. A real taste treat with meats, on chips – even in salads!