How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

//How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When You Cook

The key to keeping a kitchen clean is to be well-organized. So, you need to know how to organize yourself and your thoughts first to make cleaning easier. This means that you should attack any cleaning job as you go along. It is also good to get into the practice of eliminating any dishes from the dishwasher or sink before you prepare or cook food.

Keep the Dishwasher and Sink Clear of Dishes

If you eliminate dishes from your sink or dishwasher before beginning to cook, it will make it easier to clean up as you are preparing the food. After you wash the dishes in your sink, you will also want to clean the sink. Use an organic product such as basil soap to make the task more enjoyable and to leave a fresh scent.

Schedule Monthly Maintenance

You also should schedule monthly maintenance on your knives and pots and pans. This involves cleaning off rust spots or any burnt-on stains from stainless steel cookware. If your knives are a bit rusty or are in need of sharpening, you need to schedule a day to address these types of issues as well.

Part of your monthly cleaning ritual should also include oiling your cutting boards. If you have wooden boards, it will only take about five minutes to complete this task. You can also do the same for your wooden spoons. You can do this small task when you clean your knives and cookware.

Keep Your Countertops Clear

If your countertops display a lot of clutter, it can make your kitchen feel claustrophobic. Clear items from your counters and place them in cabinets, or hang your pots and pans from hooks over an island. Make sure you make full use of the space in your kitchen. Countertops should be reserved for preparing food, not used as a holding bin for pots and pans or dishes. Those kinds of items should either be shelved or hung on hooks to make the most of your counter space.

In addition, you should keep a bag handy while you prepare food to help keep your counters clear. Collect all the food scraps into a container or a bag to make food preparation easier and more efficient. Plus, this will make any post-meal clean-up less of a burden.

In order to keep your kitchen clean when you cook, you also need to make sure that your trash basket is of a fairly large size. If you do not want an overflow of trash, this small detail is important. You need to make sure you are recycling certain items as well. Therefore, you might opt to buy a duo bin that offers both recycling and trash containers to help you stay organized.

Always Wear an Apron

To help keep your kitchen clean, it also pays to form good habits while cooking. This means wearing an apron while you are preparing meals. Aprons help you keep your kitchen clean, as they protect you from food splatters or burns. When you try to keep yourself free of stains or burns, you will also work more diligently to keep your kitchen clean.

Insert a towel too at the front of your stove, on which you can dry your hands while preparing food and cooking. You can also use the towel to wipe up spills or grab a hot pan. Keep a towel handy if you need to wipe off an item between rinses too.


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