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The name Essi Tadrus may not invoke the same BBQ imagery as “Smokin’ Joe” or “Pitmaster Pete”, but by no means is there any less passion for creating the highest quality, most flavorful BBQ.  Essi’s obsession with BBQ began at age 5 in Fort Hood, Texas. After stumbling on a local gas station serving up homestyle BBQ ribs, it was literally LOVE at first bite! Those ribs were all young Essi would eat for a year!

His early obsession fueled his fire to become a BBQ master and Essi embarked on a journey through the South to learn everything he could.  His taste buds tingled as he sampled and dissected the different sauce profiles of Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas Alabama, Kansas and Tennessee. Along the way, he became a 4 star Chef and opened his own BBQ restaurant, which became a “test kitchen” for what is now Rib Shack BBQ.

After finding the secret “oomph” that each state brought to the table, Chef Essi understood what makes southern BBQ so great — the secret (aka real BBQ flavor) is in the sauce!!  He got to work on his own sauces, determined to recreate each state’s unique flavor while infusing his own culinary flair and commitment to fresh, quality ingredients. All the while, he was mastering the smoking techniques for which Southern BBQ is known, getting top cuts of meats to be fall-off-the-bone tender and uniquely flavorful.  It took 10 years for Chef Essi to get the balance just right and only then was he ready to share his own very special, Best of the South BBQ with you.

Fast forward to today and Rib Shack BBQ menu would make any pit master proud. And our sauces take the smokey deliciousness to the next level, truly Raising the Bar in BBQ!



Chef Essi succeeded in his quest to create incredible BBQ sauces! From his Signature “Sweet & Tangy”, which he describes as Southern Fusion, incorporating the best elements of all the South’s sauces, to “Sweet Carolina” to “Bama White Sauce” to “Florida Sweet Heat”, all bring a combination of Southern heritage and culinary craftsmanship to the table. Always made with fresh ingredients, no pre-prepared bases or additives, Rib Shack BBQ sauces are most definitely Raising the Bar in BBQ!

So, whether you want sweet, spicy or are salivating for something on the tangier side, our chefs will serve up a hot plate of smokin’ comfort food that’ll make you feel like you’re on the front porch with grandma, sipping sweet tea and remembering the good old days.

Be on the lookout for Rib Shack BBQ restaurants in your neighborhood and Rib Shack BBQ products at retailers near you!